Foldable Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphone

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dodocool Foldable Wireless Stereo Sports In-Ear Headphone with HD Mic enables you to enjoy high-quality stereo audio and handsfree phone calls. Behind-ear ergonomics design provides stable and comfortable listening experience for sports. Three sizes of interchangeable ear caps provide reliability and comfort while filtering ambient noise.

Premium Sound Quality
Adopt aptX HD audio encoding to deliver unparalleled high-fidelity stereo sound quality. By reducing background noise with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology, it enables you to stream music or enjoy hands-free function with the built-in HD microphone anytime, anywhere.

Powerful Wireless Function
With multipoint technology, it could pair with two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously from up to 33 feet away. Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, personal computers and other devices. The battery level of the headphone will be displayed on your iPhone. Enjoy quick pairing with NFC function.

Ideal Sport Companion
With sweat-resistant rated IPX Level 4, it can withstand dripping sweat. This headphone will roll up automatically when not in use, very convenient for carrying and storage. Ideal for running, hiking, camping, biking, jogging, climbing, driving, doing fitness and other sports.

Comfortable Wearing Experience
Lightweight and behind-ear ergonomics design make it comfortable to wear. Included soft S/M/L ear caps provide secure fit and comfortable wearing experience, making it better for sound isolation and easy to stay put while you exercise. 

Incredible Working Time
Provide up to 10 hours of playtime or 180 hours of standby time per full charge. The LED indicator displays the connection, charging and battery level status. 

In-line Remote Control
Multiple control buttons enable you to adjust the volume, control media playback, answer/reject/transfer/end calls easily by using the buttons on the headphone. 

Note: Obstacles and movement may cause unstability of wireless connections.

Brand: dodocool
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Wireless version: V4.1
Indicator light: Blue or red
Profile support: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, APT-X
Working distance range: Up to 33ft / 10m
Talk/Music time: Up to 10 hours
Standby time: Up to 180 hours
Charging time: Approx. 2 hours
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Frequency range: 2.402G - 2.480G
Ambient temperature: -20 / +60°C
Battery capacity: Approx. 130 mAh lithium polymer battery
Item size (Fold): Approx. / 115 * 80 * 33 mm 
Item size (Unfold): Approx. / 350 * 70 * 33 mm 
Item weight: Approx. 0.87oz / 23.7g
Package size: Approx. 4.72 * 3.35 * 1.65 in / 120 * 85 * 42 mm 
Package weight: Approx. 2.82oz / 80g

Package Includes
1 * dodocool Foldable Wireless Stereo Sports In-Ear Headphone with HD Mic
1 pair * S Size Earplugs
1 pair * L Size Earplugs
1 * Micro USB to USB Cable
1 * Instruction Manual (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese)
  • product.doesNotChargeFastAtAll

    By m***April 27, 2017 01:30:33

    Solid pair of Bluetooth headphones. I'd recommend them to anyone who dislikes hearbuds and headsets. They are relatively easy to set up and connect to. They charged very fast and held that charge. I had a few people try them on and nobody really had any difficulty fitting them around their head. The sound was clear and pretty loud, but if you want deafening volumes you won't find it at the max. It came with a small charging cord that I opted not to use, and some backup earbuds. The box it came in was pretty small and fits in my glove compartment. But overall if you like the style, not as loud volume, and dislike cords then I'd recommend these headphones for you.

  • product.doesNotChargeFastAtAll

    By h**************April 26, 2017 19:11:00

    Ordered these because I was tired of my old ones falling out of my ears. I took a couple of pictures to show how it arrived. It includes a case and multiple sets of ear plugs. I was very pleased with how nice they fit over my ears and in my ears. I've had several different pairs that didn't fit quit right. It may be different for each person. USB charger is also included. Pairing is fairly straight forward. There's a manual included with has many different languages for setup.

  • product.doesNotChargeFastAtAll

    By d********April 20, 2017 02:10:38

    These headphones sound fantastic! I seem to have headphones all over the place, a bit like charging cables. These are my new favorites because the sound is crystal clear and they fit very comfortably. I use them mostly while on an elliptical machine and they stay in place nicely. I am very, very happy with this product and highly recommend it.

  • product.doesNotChargeFastAtAll

    By l******March 31, 2017 19:23:59

    Our Dodocool Bluetooth Headphones arrived yesterday and have already been used by three family members in three different sport activities. I used these during water aerobics, my hubby went for a run and teen son took them to the guys for his full workout. I think all of us were sweaty and the headphones worked like a charm. They are comfortable, easy to put on and once on absolutely stay put. The Dodocools have memory ability to link up to two different Bluetooth bases which is convenient as we share. Set up is very easy thought FYI the instructions are printed out in a teeny font. I used these yesterday gardening and I had a range of at least 70+ feet from my iPhone. Fabulous! Inside the house I also got a 70+ range down a long hallway. Range was fine thru one wall but quality went down a bit if we had 2 walls between the headphones and the base. If you to too far or between too many walls it will cut in and out giving you the opportunity to backtrack a bit. If you loose total Bluetooth as soon as you are back in range it picks back up right away. We are really enjoying these. They also come with three different ear bud sizes which is nice. I feel most comfortable with the smalls and my DH likes the large size. The travel case is really nice and will hopefully help us keep these in good shape for long use.

  • product.doesNotChargeFastAtAll

    By l***************March 12, 2017 20:53:45

    I have relatively small ears so headphones usually don't stay in my ears. I hate how over the head headphones look so I just played things on speaker. I really like these headphones though. It came with a carrying case, charger, and manual. I love the fact that it goes behind the neck. Also, it is cordless so that I can work out without a cord getting in the way. You hear a voice telling you when it's powered on and off, which allows you to have it in your ears pressing buttons lol. The ear buds are at an angle so that it will stay snug in your ear. The audio is loud!!! I played music and I tried out FaceTime. I could hear the bass really good and it drowned out my surroundings. Overall I give this five stars. I'll give an update later!

  • product.doesNotChargeFastAtAll

    By r**********March 7, 2017 00:24:44

    These are really solid headphones, especially for this price. They pair easily via NFC, have really solid battery life, and stay connected without cutting in and out. They're not the most comfortable to wear, especially for long periods of time, but they're not too bad. WEARING: These are decidedly not the most comfortable headphones. They try very hard to return to their coiled up shape, like a spring, so around your head, they tend to put a little pressure on your ears. When you take them off, they spring back into their tightly coiled shape, making putting them on a bit more difficult as you have to untwist them EVERY single time. I'm also personally not a fan of this type of in-ear design, either, but that's subjective. These aren't uncomfortable, but the rubber piece does wedge itself into your ear in a way that can be annoying after a while. PAIRING: These are extremely easy to pair if your phone has NFC, as most modern Android phones do. Just turn the headphones on and tap-to-pair. Once paired, they stay connected VERY well. I've had other headphones that frequently disconnect or cut in and out. Not these, they maintain a rock solid connection as long as your phone isn't too far away. They also don't turn off after a period of inactivity, which I personally really like. I often find myself stopping what I'm listening to for 10-30 minutes, and then wanting to resume. With other headphones, they would have turned off after that amount of time, but these stay on and stay connected, so I just slip them back on and press play. AUDIO QUALITY: I'm not an audiophile by any means, and I don't listen to music really at all. I primarily listen to podcasts, and for that, these work very well. Audio sounds good and voices are clear. I tested them with music and it sounded nice and rich to me, but again, I'm not an audio quality person. It sounds fine to me, and that's as far as I care about that. BATTERY LIFE: These headphones support the Bluetooth battery protocol, so if your phone supports it, you'll see the current battery status displayed right in your status bar, which is really helpful. I know LG phones and iPhones support this, but I'm not sure about other brands. The battery life on these headphones is surprisingly good. They last for hours and hours without fail, allowing me to continue listening as I work around the house, do yard work, or whatever. They charge quickly, too, usually back to full charge in less than an hour. Very impressive. CONCLUSION: Overall, I like these headphones a lot. I wish they weren't quite so springy, but that's a small price to pay for headphones that work and stay connected so well. I definitely recommend these.

  • product.doesNotChargeFastAtAll

    By t*****March 5, 2017 18:33:53

    These wireless bluetooth headphones are perfect for my daily running sessions! They are convenient and very easy to use! Simply press the button with a phone pictured on it and the light will blink red. At that point go to the phone/music player bluetooth setting and connect to the dodocool headphones. The headphone design is very attractive: the black color and gray/lemon green ear buds give it a very athletic look. The headset is very light and seemed to have a great ergonomic design! It fits perfectly to my ear even when I am running. The headphones come in a little carry bag for easy transport and storage. There is a small usb cord provided to charge the headset. I have not fully used the battery for the headset so I cannot tell you how long the battery will hold but I have been using the headset on and off throughout a whole week for 35 min daily and the headset is still charged. The only thing I can think of as far as factors to improve is maybe the length of the charging cable but other than that I am very satisfied with these headphones!

  • product.doesNotChargeFastAtAll

    By k************January 18, 2017 20:26:39

    With the new year comes new goals! I have decided to start back on jogging and wanted a new set of headphones to go with my new years resolution. These have worked out great for me so far. They fit great on my head and are very light weight. It was easy to get them set up with my phone and start streaming music into the. I love that they stay put even when I start to pick up the pace while jogging. They are not huge like some I have owned in the past but they still deliver a high quality sound. I love the case that came with it because I can zip them up toss them in my purse and not worry about them getting tangled or messed up! Very Affordable.

  • product.doesNotChargeFastAtAll

    By a*******January 5, 2017 21:34:57

    I'm so impressed with the sound quality of these headphones! They're so comfortable that you can barely feel you have them on! I had the volume turned all the way up while cleaning the house and I had to turn around and look a few times because the surround sounds made me think there was something behind me! Lol. Another nice thing is that with the volume way up, my daughter couldn't hear anything at all standing right up next to me. I can hear her music when she has her headphones up loud, so I thought it was cool that I can listen to anything I want and she can't listen in! :) They were super easy to pair with my phone, and you can still get all of the notification sounds, and easily take an incoming call. My callers couldn't tell at all that I was talking through the headphones unlike a lot of others out there. They come with a great protective carrying case, charging cord and extra ear plug covers. They charge very quickly, and last a supprisingly long time! The two very best qualities to me are the excellent sound and the comfort of wearing them especially because I have my tragus pierced, it's hard to find ones that don't leave your ears hurting after 20 minutes of having them on! If anything happens to these, I will definitely be buying the exact same ones to replace them! My headphone search is finally over because these are the perfect pair!

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