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MFi Certified 8 Pin Lightning USB Data Sync Charging Cable Cord

Multicolor for your option.

Apple's MFi certified,adopts high quality PVC and tinned copper.

Reversible design, convenient to use.

Charge/sync charging with all Apple devices of Lightning connector.

8 pin lightning super speed metal connector

Lightweight, compact and portable.


List: 1 * Lightning USB Cable

Weight: 40g / 1.41oz

Size: 12 * 8.2 * 2cm / 4.72 * 3.22 * 0.78in (L * W * H)













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Adopts high quality PVC and tinned copper.
Reversible design, convenient to use.
Metal texture, gilded pins plus nickle-plated surface.
Charge/sync with all Apple devices of Lightning connector.
Lightweight, compact and portable.

Brand: dodocool
Material: PVC 
Color: Gray, red, yellow, blue, dark blue, pink (optional)
Cable length: Approx. 100cm / 39.37in   
Cable weight: 21g / 0.73oz
Package size: 12 * 8.2 * 2cm / 4.72 * 3.22 * 0.78in (L * W * H)
Package weight: 40g / 1.41oz

Package List:
1 * Lightning USB Cable













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  • By P*******January 4, 2018 20:49:50

    Pretty durabls

  • By L*****************January 3, 2018 21:53:03

    Great product

  • By L**********January 3, 2018 03:05:54

    As described

  • By G*******January 2, 2018 01:49:24

    I love it

  • By S*********December 31, 2017 20:31:03

    It only lasted a month, although it was great while it lasted so, that's something I guess. EDIT: Got in touch with the manufacturer and got a replacement. Is lasting much longer than the original.

  • By K******December 31, 2017 02:25:04

    I've been using it for about a month and it works well so far. It's a bit slower to charge than the Apple cord but it's does fine

  • By J*******December 31, 2017 01:00:54

    Thicker cable, and seems to charge faster than the Apple cable. It is a tiny bit shorter, which is not an issue. Highly recommend!!!.

  • By J*********December 31, 2017 00:05:44

    Bought two cords at the same time. One has been great, the other has started to not charge at times.

  • By E******December 30, 2017 23:41:38

    Have five that work perfectly. One that didn't. Hope they last!!!! Well constructed.

  • By B****************December 29, 2017 23:42:41

    Performs well. So far it seems better than the iPhone charger.

  • By C*********December 29, 2017 22:34:48

    Works great so far...feels more sturdy than the Apple cable. Hopefully it holds up!

  • By D*****December 29, 2017 21:42:03

    Delivery was prompt and cord work perfectly with my I Phone 6.

  • By N*************December 29, 2017 01:47:53

    Very durable. Definitely outlasts the Apple original.

  • By D*****December 28, 2017 21:00:02

    Works good. Nothing crazy impressive about it. It's a charger.

  • By j*****December 28, 2017 19:29:50

    Been a while since I've had it & still works good

  • By u*********December 28, 2017 02:36:52

    I first heard of this from someone who was very enthusiastic about it, saying that not only is it cheaper than an Apple charger, but that it's also a longer and thicker cord that's less likely to fray or break. After receiving the product, I compared it to the Apple cord that I had and found that it actually was about the same length and thinner, which was a bit disappointing. However, I have been using it for a few months now and it hasn't been damaged at all yet. I also really like the color options, and the fact that when it does get damaged, I can replace it pretty easily, given the low price. It works just as well as any other charging cord I have used. I've been using it with my 5th generation iPod touch and have had no problems. My sister, who has an iPhone 6, said her phone will sometimes not let her use a different kind of charger, so she thought this wouldn't work for her, but she borrowed it from me and it actually worked.

  • By V*****December 28, 2017 02:01:35

    Charger cable has lasted me a number of months now. In the world of chargers, this one is definitely a goodie, but it still is fragile. I'm very careful with my cables at this point, but this one is still starting to separate at the plug and the wire is fraying.

  • By M*******December 28, 2017 01:55:01

    This is a pretty good charger. I bought it because people on Tumblr said it was better quality than the Apple chargers, and so far, I agree. The cord seems more durable, which is great. I docked it one star just because the little plastic casing around the end that plugs into my iPhone slides off sometimes, and exposes the inside stuff, which probably shouldn't happen, but it hasn't impeded the effectiveness of the plug, so its not a big deal.

  • By C******December 27, 2017 19:30:39

    It's a nice little cord, and I like the cheap price, but it lasts about the same as a regular apple cord. I got mine on February 13, 2015. Regular daily use. Spent 95% of the time plugged into the computer not moving. Other 5% it was handled nicely to go on car trips or vacation (I know how to take care of cords okay). And it's about 5 months and a little change later and it's just now breaking - as in I'll plug my ipod in but dear god do not move it or it'll disconnect and I have to unplug and replug it in. I'm afraid to take that charger anywhere now.

  • By m********December 27, 2017 01:49:49

    The Lightning end is a little bigger than Apple's, which is nice because I hate how small they make them. However, if you have a slim case, it may give you a little trouble, as it does for me. Otherwise it's great.

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