High-Speed HDMI Cable

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Perfectly shaped HDMI cable for seamless installation
Delivering vibrant image and hyperpure timbre


Standard HDMI1.4 interface which backward compatible with previous HDMI standards;
Skidproof plug head for seamless connection; OFC wire inside to reduce interference;
High-precision standard PVC insulating material as the outer layer.

Top-rated signal transmission
Minimize the transmission rate of differential signal to reduce EMI.

Wide application: widely used for computer, PS3, Xbox, HDTV,
digital TVs, LCD TVs, projector device with HDMI interface.

Deliver optimal signal transfer with lower distortion. The digital signal provides
sound and picture quality that is truer to the original. Playing interactive games
or other gaming entertainment are preferred.

Mirroring Mode

Support 3D video transmission with out distortion, which gives you the
immersive 3D sense by the single high-performance HDMI cable.

3D Theatre

Multi-screen operation are available for watching TV and surfing the
internet simultaneously to meet various needs.

Expansion Mode

You can easily play your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Blu-ray player, or other HDMI
device on your big-screen HDTV or computer monitor.

Interactive Gaming

Fine workmanship ensures the core with super quality

Please confirm that both ends are standard HDMI 1.4 interfaces

List: 1 * dodocool High-Speed HDMI Cable
Size: 16 * 8.5 * 2cm / 6.29 * 3.34 * 0.78in (L * W * H)
Weight: 38g / 1.36oz

HDMI male to HDMI male cable with transfer rate of up to 10.2Gbps.
Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return.
Supports resolution up to 4K * 2K.
Length: 6.5 Feet (2.0 Meters).
Meets HDMI 1.4 specification.
Plug and play with stable signal transmission.
Cable allows you to share an Internet connection among multiple devices without the need for a separate Ethernet cable.
Widely use for computer, PS3, Xbox, HDTV, digital TVs, LCD TVs, projector device with HDMI interface.

Brand: dodocool
Type: HDMI Cable
Length: 2M / 6.5ft
Plug & Interface: HDMI interface
Function: Signal and data transmission
Compatibility: Computers, PS3, Xbox, HDTV, digital TVs, plasma TVs, LCD TVs, projectors, cameras, DV cameras, set-top boxes, AV processors, DVD players, monitors, game consoles, etc.
Color: Black
Item weight: 83g / 2.93oz
Item size: 200 * 2 *1cm / 78.7 * 0.8 * 0.4in
Package weight: 119g / 4.16oz
Package size: 16.5 * 12 * 2.8cm /  6.5 * 4.8 * 1.12in
Package List:
1 * dodocool High-Speed HDMI Cable

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