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dodocool Smart 4-Port USB Charger with Universal AC Outlet Power Adapter lets you charge four USB devices and one appliance simultaneously. It's the must-have charging solution for home, travel and office use.

Add 1 AC Outlet and 4 USB Charging Ports

Universal AC outlet and 4 USB charging ports enable you to charge up to one appliance and four USB-powered devices simultaneously.
Sturdy and Durable
Use fireproof and high temperature resistant ABS material, durable for daily use. With blue LED light to indicate power connection.
Safeguard Your Devices
Provides over-current protection, over-voltage protection, overheating protection and short-circuit protection.
Compact & Portable
Compact design lets you neatly organize your devices and cables and portable size makes it an ideal travel adapter.
Smart & Fast Charging
4 smart USB charging ports (supports up to 2.4A per USB charging port), which intelligently deliver the optimal current to your device, can fast charge up to four smartphones simultaneously.
Wide Compatibility
USB ports are compatible with 5V input USB devices, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, Android tablets, power banks, GPS, MP3/MP4 players, etc.
Safe and Reliable Warranty: 18-month warranty.

Brand: dodocool
Material: Fireproof ABS material + PC
Plug Type: UK Plug
Interface: 1 * AC Outlet, 4 * USB Charging Ports
Input: 100-240V~ 50-60Hz
Rated Power: 2500W(AC100-250V 10A)
Total USB ports output: 5V 4A 20W
Each USB port output: 5V 2.4A Max.
LED light color: Blue
Certificate: CE & FCC & RoHS
Item size: Approx. 3.39 * 2.28 * 1.30 in / 86 * 58 * 33 mm (L * W * H)
Item weight: Approx. 133g/4.69oz
Package size: Approx. 4.13 * 3.23 * 2.56 in / 105 * 82 * 65 mm (L * W * H)
Package weight: Approx. 183g/6.45oz

Package includes:
1 * dodocool Smart 4-Port USB Charger with Universal AC Outlet Power Adapter
1 * Instruction Manual (English)

  • By t********February 9, 2018 00:34:21

    Saves space and plug space and works just like it should. Recommended.

  • By M************January 8, 2018 03:39:41

    Great addition to my travel bag. This plus a universal plug adapter does the job, and the pass-thru power socket lets me replug the desk lamp or alarm clock who's power socket I appropriated to plug this charger in. Can't wait for a model with flip down prongs.

  • By M*****May 28, 2017 16:56:07

    A nice clean solution to the problem of not having enough USB charge ports near your AC outlet. The ports are positioned up top, so I needed to ensure there was enough space to feed any cables through. Luckily the plug is mounted on the kitchen wall and so has plenty of space above it. You've got 4 USB ports, all ready and capable to output up to 2.4A maximum which is enough to keep even the most power hungry of your devices topped up and ready. It's a nice simple design with a universal plug on the other side so you effectively don't lose the outlet you're plugged into either. The input is universal, being able to handle anything from 110-240v. The max output is 4A. It works very well and my devices all charge nicely on it. It's definitely helping to reduce clutter and with its built in short circuit, over voltage and current protection as well as it being made of fire proof ABS materials, I think it was a good choice - especially at under a tenner. Happy to recommend. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.

  • By J******May 22, 2017 17:12:11

    I have a multitude of items powered by IUSB all over my home and for this reason I have multiple wall chargers just for connecting and charging USB powered devices. I have over the years slimmed things down a bit and bought multi USB ported power chargers but these all took up space and used a plug in their own right and added, even more, cables into an already cluttered area. Over the past few years, many devices have started to have pass thru plugs, such as power plugs, and network adapters, and I was really happy to see that someone had finally done the same with a USB plug....its something that is incredibly simple and makes perfect sense but until now I've never seen it. So this for all intents and purposes is the same as all other multi-port USB wall chargers but with the simple addition of the pass-thru plug, it instantly means that you don't lose a power point to facilitate it. This is great on so many levels...with the multitude of devices that require USB power nowadays, where you may only have one plug socket, it is slightly tedious to have to use a power strip just to charge USB devices and say power a TV or a connected speaker. So this takes the wasted space inside many of these devices and gives the ability to plug whatever device you choose into it in addition. OIt does so without bulking the device out, so you can still use other plugs next to it in a double socket or even on a power strip. I personally purchased this to go on my A\V server rack. Whilst having a LOT of devices on this, rack there are a handful that is powered by USB ports...games controller chargers, remote control units and similar and until I either needed a multi plug that was attached to a long trailing cable.,..this cuts down on one extra wire and of course saves me one extra plug. A really great addition to my setup and an absolute bargain too

  • By M******May 18, 2017 14:14:25

    This is an excellent space saver that works as described. All the ports worked perfectly on the unit I received and I love that we can now charge all the family's phones at the same time from one outlet. It's very neat and will be perfect for when we travel and outlets are limited. Just wish I had thought of getting one before now!

  • By S********May 17, 2017 10:05:19

    I am fed up with having all of my sockets in my kitchen taken up with different phones and IPads charging so I thought I would try this 4 in 1 USB charger. It arrived in a nicely illustrated box. The charger itself feels very good quality. The casing looks good as is well finished. It plugs into the socket easily and feels secure. All of the USB ports work well. My electrical system charge quickly when using it. It keeps my kitchen looking so much tidier. It also has a selection of different socket openings on the face so you can use it as a travel charger.

  • By S****May 13, 2017 13:16:53

    Multiple ports from one socket! A nice and neat way of managing your multiple devices. Build This device is made from a mostly from a glossy white plastic. It looks sleek and expensive, but picks up fingerprints easily. The whole thing feels solid in the hand with little flex and is well constructed. The USB ports are nice and tight and hold a USB cable with decent security. Function All of the ports on this device are 2.4A and can handle all of the usual USB peripherals including higher power devices like iPads. There is an international through plug on the front so you don't even waste a plug socket! Overall This is a great device and fantastic way of charging your peripherals. It’s small, sleek and is well made. I have no criticisms and have been impressed by this simple effective device.

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