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Are you tired of the hassle of tangled cords and unorganized drawers? Simply use the dodocool Cable Tie to get cables, wires, cords stay organized and avoid a tangled mess wherever you go. When not in use, clip it to any cable and prevent itself from getting lost.

Keep Your Desk Tidy and Organized

No more tangled cables! dodocool Cable Tie organizes your cables, wires, cords, and other similar accessories (earphone cords, computer power cables, charging cables, etc.). Perfect for keeping your desks, drawers, backpacks, etc. tidy and organized in any situation.
Durable & Reusable
Made of durable PU leather with a metal snap fastener, this cable tie is durable enough for everyday use and soft enough to protect cables.
Easy to Use
To secure the cable tie, simply wrap it around the cable, then press the snap fastener to get it tight.
Earphone Cord Storage
You can thread your earphone cord through the hole reserved and securely fasten excessive cord that could otherwise become tangled or caught.
Snap fastener design makes it easy to stay with any cord so it doesn't get lost.
Compact & Portable
Compact size and portable design make it easy to store in backpacks, containers, drawers, handbags, pockets, etc. Great for home, office, garage, car, and travel use.
Note: Cable Tie ONLY, cables, earphones and other accessories are not included.

Brand: dodocool
Material: PU leather + metal
Item size: Approx. 1.81 x 0.63 in / 46 x 16 mm (L * W)
Item weight: Approx. 0.07oz / 2g
Package size: Approx. 7.20 * 3.54 * 0.20 in / 183 * 90 * 5 mm (L * W * H)
Package weight: Approx. 0.51oz / 15g

Package includes
1 * dodocool Cable Tie

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